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RAWPIECE was founded by Darren Huang in 2013 in Taipei, Taiwan. 

Beginning with a background in industrial design, Darren was drawn to working in leather as a material of choice for a range of leather furniture. His enjoyment in working with this material inspired him to expand his design aesthetic to include leather craft and leather goods. Driven by the excitement of being a “designer” Daren Huang decided to create a series of designs using ‘design sense’ and ‘design philosophy’ as core values in the design process. 


“Finding reasons in romance, worshipping logic in design"

RAW stands for raw, plain ,undecorated ,simple beauty. RAWPIECE worships "Design Thinking" and "Design Logic" , which is an integration of concepts, functions, and beauty. Drawn by the designer’s industrial design background, the brand celebrates the beauty and simplicity of the original material.


All RAWPIECE products are skillfully handcrafted to the highest quality. Every RAWPIECE product undergoes a rigorous selection process from the choice of leather, to the cut, to the sewing, trimming, laminating, coating and polishing. We respect the traditional processes and history associated with handcrafted leather.

RAWPIECE designs unique leather bags and accessories using the highest quality materials. We embrace the natural texture of the leather we use to create our collections.